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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cosmetic Dentistry in Santa Ana, CA

Having confidence in your smile can allow you to take on any situation.  Your smile is often the first thing someone notices about you, and when you are not comfortable showing off your smile, it can be a serious hit to your confidence. Here at 123 Dental in Santa Ana, CA, Dr. Tommy C. Le and his associate dentists have expertise in cosmetic dentistry, so no matter what dental issue you are unhappy with, Dr. Le and his associate dentists can give you a smile to be proud of!

From minor chips, to major smile overhauls, to simple whitening, Dr. Le and his associate dentists are able to perform many procedures to improve a smile. For teeth that have chips, cracks, gaps, or discoloration, Dr. Le and his associate dentists offer dental bonding (ie white fillings). Bonding is a resin smoothed over an imperfection, hardened, and polished for natural look. For professional whitening, the office provides a couple of different options. Depending on your current shade and the level of whiteness you would like to be at, 123 Dental staff can create results six to ten shades whiter!

Another option for teeth that are cracked, chipped, crooked, misshapen, or discolored, Dr. Le offers Lumineers, veneers, and Snap-On Smile. Dr. Le will talk with you and examine your teeth to find out which option is best for you. Lumineers and veneers are thin ceramic shells bonded to the front of your existing teeth. Snap-On Smile is similar but it is removable.

Being unhappy with your smile does not have to be life-long. To discuss your cosmetic desires, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tommy C. Le or his associate dentists of 123 Dental here in Santa Ana, CA. Give us a call at (714) 542-7400 or visit our website, www.123dentalsa.com

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